Complete Overview is a relatively fulfilled writing site which nevertheless doesn’t enjoy huge popularity among students. Although there’s a quite big clientele, the site owners don’t promote heavily, relying rather on the word of mouth and loyal clients.

However, it doesn’t mean the website is shady. Indeed, it doesn’t enjoy great hype online these days. Nevertheless, it’s possible to say Star-Essay is still a nice option for a student with an average custom essay budget to spend. Because today hype means extra costs spend on your behalf, so wise expenditure approach is advised.

One neatly looking website

Taking a look at site overall appearance, it stands a classic custom essay site which grants quick access to all the important sections: Customer area, order page, guarantees and price calculator. For a student who has never used an assignment writing site before, getting a knack in what is what won’t be a problem. Site also gives plenty of useful information regarding custom writing in general as well as more specific aspects like refunds, revisions and paper order tips. On the dim side, now looks a bit old-fashioned, too much text and too few visual assets sometimes make it hard to grasp information that easily. Therefore, only 3.5/5 here.

Writing and editing panel

Great thing about Star-Essay is that most of time you’ll be working with prolific English speaking writers. What is more important, most writers hold degrees in various subject fields and even possess some actual working experience, adding this touch of depth and professionalism to every paper done. It goes without saying, every paper is complete from scratch and proofread A to Z.

In addition, free revisions are included in the price. However, sometimes persuading a writer that a paper received isn’t good enough and requires extra revisions is mission impossible. Sometimes writers are convinced their work’s a masterpiece, assignment them to amend their drafts required certain persuasion: 4/5.

Timing is almost perfect

With 5% of missed deadlines, is one of the most timely assignment writing sites out there, so take notice! There isn’t much to be added here. Being available on the market for a couple years straight, turnaround time has been made almost perfect. However, in case a missed deadline did happen, a refund or other type of compensation is offered. Total of 5/5, result for other essay providers to look up to.

User benefits

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Star-Essay knows how to keep you interested. First and foremost, it’s possible to speak of lenient approach to all loyal clients. Varies promos, bonuses and special offers take place very often. Speaking about new clients, various financial encouragements are available too. Welcome bonus giving you 15% off the first order is a deal hard to pass by. There’s little-to-none information about refunds though. Customer support managers do give basic info, but every word has to be pulled out from them. But it’s a great thing to know refund option can be activated, receiving at least some funds back.

Should we weight in pros and cons now?

On the plus side:

  • Competent writers with a degree
  • Superb order delivery speed, low percentage of missed timelines
  • Lots of assignment types to order
  • Responsive Support team
  • Solid package of financial goodies
  • Free revisions
  • Good discounts

All in all, it’s possible to conclude is competent representative of a medium price range group of websites. You can easily use the site and recommend it to friends. Nothing fancy here, just hard work and excellent papers written.